Heirlooms Definition and what does Heirloom Mean?

History of the Heirloom

The modern day heirloom finds its humble origin in 20th century English Law. In the English legal system, certain items, referred to as “looms,” were viewed not only as a personal property, but as property of the family estate. As such, any owner of a genuine heirloom could dispose of it as they pleased. But they could not disown it away from the family by law. If the owner passed away, the loom went to his “heir-at-law,” hence the name “heirloom.” Heirlooms therefore became directly associated with inheritance.   

Much More Than Jewelry

Although family heirlooms often take on the form of old jewelry or antiques, they are much more than that. Beyond possessing a monetary value, heirlooms have a cultural and family value. They store memories from those who came before us; they come equipped with their very own stories of sorrow and triumph. Many heirlooms have even traversed the Earth’s continents and oceans. As a result, family heirlooms have become invaluable to their owners. Money and words can no longer adequately define their worth. Today I cherish a lucky silver coin my Grandfather carried with him as an American soldier during World War II. In my mind, there is no question that this antique, once acquired, should be kept. To part with my coin would be to part with my Grandfather.  

At Endless Heirlooms, jewelry is much more than business. It's about sharing and passing on memories.

Do you have an heirloom like old jewelry or an antique? If not, you can start the cycle. You never know what an antique or piece of heirloom jewelry might mean to those who will come after you. Be a part of something endless.   

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