9 Quick and Easy Jewelry Tips

 So, maybe you wear jewelry all the time. Maybe you even consider yourself a fashionista when it comes to jewelry and fashion. Or maybe you know absolutely nothing about jewelry! No matter where you are on the “scale” of jewelry knowledge, this list of helpful jewelry tips and fashion tricks has something for you. It is especially important that you jewelry lovers out there remember these helpful tips to make sure your favorite pieces keep shining for years to come. And for those of you who are new to jewelry, maybe you’ll learn a couple cool tips along the way. Read on and find out some easy Jewelry Care Tips!  


Jewelry Tips: Measure your ring size using a string at home

Believe it or not, you only need a ruler, a sharpie, and a string to figure out your ring size. Begin by cutting a small piece of string and wrapping it around your finger. Using your sharpie, mark where the string meets. Now, measure the distance between the end of the string and the mark. View the chart below to determine your ring size.  

Ring Sizing Chart

Ring sizing chart based on circumference

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Jewelry tips: use tarn-x to clean silver

Tarn-X works great to remove tarnish from metals quickly and easily. The wipe-and-rinse formula safely cleans silver without any damage. It can also be used to clean platinum, copper, and sterling silver. Just apply it to a soft cloth or cotton ball, and rinse with cold water. Tarn-X can be purchased at your local grocer. Mr. Clean is a powerful cleaning product for gold jewelry and will help bring back some of that new shine. You can also use kitchen soap and a toothbrush to polish your favorite diamond jewelry. Make a hot solution of water and kitchen detergent. Soak your diamonds for 20-40 minutes and rinse with warm water.


Jewelry Tips: Ocean Water, chlorine, and perfum ruin jewelry

The world is a dangerous place for your favorite jewelry pieces, so keep these things in mind when wearing them. In general, stay away from the 4 S-words: swimming, sweating, showering, and sleeping. Each of these should be done without jewelry. Chlorine in particular can eat away at gold alloys, so be sure to take off your gold rings and earrings before going for a quick swim. This should ensure that your jewelry lasts as a long as possible.


Jewelry Tips: Trust your instinct

This jewelry tip should bring joy to you impulse buyers out there. Buy the jewelry that catches your eye at first glance! Believe it or not, your instinct is usually correct when it comes to jewelry, so learn to trust it. Buying jewelry is often a long process for people out there, but it doesn’t have to be! Live on the edge every now and again.   


Jewelry Tips: Keep Things Simple

Less is more when it comes to jewelry and fashion. All too often, women try and make complicated jewelry pieces work with busy outfits. Usually, this doesn’t work! Instead, try wearing simpler, vibrant pieces with your outfits. Sometimes two simple, yet unique pieces of jewelry is all it takes to make a great impression.  


Jewelry Tips: prevent allergic reactions with clean nail polish

Some people have allergic reactions to specific metals used in jewelry. If this is you, here’s a great solution! Instead of letting go of your favorite piece altogether, just line the part of the metal that touches your skin with clear nail polish! The nail polish will act as a buffer between the metal and your skin, making those allergic reactions a thing of a past.  


Jewelry Tips: Remove Jewelry Before Bed

This is especially important for necklaces and pendants. Most broken chains occur while asleep, even if they don’t fall apart until later that day! Who knew!  



Bright colors like bright yellow, red, orange, and purple make it difficult to match jewelry with outfits. When looking to make your next purchase, consider jewelry with more neutral colors like darker blue, black, white, and dark green. These colors still make for beautiful jewelry and go well with a variety of clothing styles. This should make figuring out what to wear that much less of a hassle. In recent years, vintage jewelry has become increasingly popular. See if any of these pieces compliment your style!



Finished with a pack of mints? Don’t throw it away! Clean out those used mint tins and use them to store jewelry when traveling. This is a very cheap, yet effective storage container for jewelry. Line the inside with a cloth to offer a bit of extra padding and protection. However, make sure to not store diamonds with softer stones to prevent scratching. Try wrapping each piece in tissue paper to protect each piece individually.

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